On Our Journey of Humble Beginnings


Pam’s Pampered Pets was birthed out in April 2013 from the great loss to my two Jack Russells, Jemma and Jessie James. I have always had a great love for animals and a close relationship to them ever since I was a young child. Animals have an unbelievable ability to help us with so many areas of our lives. They are the greatest companions who gives unselfishly with unconditional love than humans will ever give us.

I started out with a piece of fleece material and my grandmother’s sewing machine as I have always had a love for sewing from an earlier age as a teenage which I was taught thanks to my wonderful and amazing grandmother. I designed my own winter fleece jackets in April 2013 which I sold to my grandmother’s neighbours who had a maltese poodle and to the family vet who took two fleece jackets. I thank you.

From the first two sales we have been very busy designing blankets and beds as well as baking up a storm of our delicious dog biscuits which is part of the barkery side of the business. People absolutely love all our delicious dog biscuits and pet products. In September 2015 I qualified for my dog Instructors Level 1 course where we can now help in home basic obedience training and puppy classes. And recently we are now qualified in dog grooming services for all your precious pooches needs. We are so proud how far we have come.

Our mission is to give the best service all our clients pets needs in every possible way. And develop great working relationships with all our clients and their precious pooches in their individual needs. Why not give us a call today and let us assist you in what your requirements are or email me at info@pamspamperedpets.co.za and I will gladly assist you. We are here to benefit the animal community for a better happier outcome.